Dear Friends,

The Moledo Atlantic Coast 2021 FINAL will happens on the 28th of September. The release is thought to be in the village of Alvalade with 434.761 m.
We are predicting a very hard race, with North and Northwest wind and with no more than 1000 m/m.
Basketing operations will start tomorrow at 01 p.m. and we intend to release the pigeons between 08 and 08h30.

Good luck to everyone and may the best win!

Pigeon's activation

Dear friends,

As per stated in our regulations, whoever has more than 5 pigeons in his team, should activate the reserve pigeons.
Each team is composed by 5 pigeons. So, the ones who have 6 or 7 should activate 1 or 2 until the 22nd of September.
The non-activated pigeons will do the Final race and in case of any prize won, it will revert to the organization.

Contact us in case of doubt and good choices!

New Prizes Table

The competition has started and having in mind the number of entries, we needed to redefine the prize table, as per attached.

Atlantic Coast 2021 Final Racing Calendar

Dear friends,

We started training later than scheduled, but we were able to put them on an high level of demand that they surpassed with distinction. We did 7 trainings in two weeks, we quickly went to 105 Kms and the pigeons corresponded fantastically, with massive arrivals and very low losses.

Now, after this intensity and taking advantage of the heat wave that we will have in the next few days, let's slow down, let’s lower the stress levels so that at the end of August we can do the first race. Until then, we'll do a few more short trainings and on August 30th we we will hit the road, heading straight to the final!

Have fun and keep following us!

Activation of the Reserve Pigeons

Dear friends,

Since we are near the first race of our top leveled championship, you should have a close look in your team and activate your reserve pigeons.
Contact your local agent or contact us directly until the basketing day for the first race.
If you find any difficulty consulting your “personal area”, let us know.

Good luck in your choices! It’s time for the real competion!

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